Wellspring Herbs & Vitamins celebrates 25 years serving Fallbrook

Wellspring Herbs & Vitamins features a large inventory of vitamins and herbs to promote good health.
Wellspring Herbs & Vitamins features a large inventory of vitamins and herbs to promote good health.

FALLBROOK – Over the last 25 years, great advancements in natural/alternative health care has allowed Wellspring Herbs & Vitamins in Fallbrook to continue to grow and keep on top of the latest products to offer its customers.

“We are dedicated to supplying the highest quality of nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, essential oils and more,” said owner Kathy Richer. “We are proud to say that we are continuing to evolve our business and keep our wonderful customers in Fallbrook on a healthy path.”

Richer said her business now offers a whole body scan, “which will prioritize your body’s preferences for nutritional supplement, which takes only five minutes and is completely free of charge!” In addition, a special price is being offered for one 30-minute nutritional consultation with Richer, a Naturopath. This includes iridology and live-cell analysis.

New products to the store include CBD, the most prominent naturally occurring cannabinoid component found in cannabis (devoid of psychoactive effects).

“CBD is commonly beneficial for pain, nausea, seizures, inflammation, sleep, and anxiety,” said Richer. “These nutritive’s play a critical role in protecting cells, boosting immune function, protecting the brain and nervous system, and relieving pain and inflammation. Cell membranes in the body are naturally equipped with cannabinoid receptors. CBD is legal to consume, sell, and possess both here and in all fifty states.”

For those with blood sugar challenges, Richer recommends a natural supplement called Berberine to reduce glucose levels.

“Human and animal research demonstrates that 1500mg of berberine, taken in three doses of 500mg each, is equally effective as taking 1500mg of Metformin or 4mg Glibenclamide, two pharmaceuticals for treating Type II Diabetes,” said Richer. “Berberine is also beneficial for improving intestinal health. It has shown efficacy against various bacteria strains such as cholera, giardia, shigella, and salmonella.”

Questions on these health topics and others can be directed to Kathy, Jim, or Sue at (760) 728-1244. Wellspring Herbs & Vitamins is located at 1223 S. Mission Rd. (behind Pizza Hut). Store hours are Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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