The Fall Show opens at the Z Café

Breaking Out by Neill Ketchum
Breaking Out by Neill Ketchum

BONSALL – A new exhibit of three different artists began on Nov. 1 and will run  through Jan. 30, 2017. To celebrate and reconnect with old friends, there will be a reception on Saturday, Nov. 12, from 3 to 5. The Z and its artists look forward to seeing everyone.

Darlene Seale is an artist, illustrator, and surface designer.  Her art is inspired by nature, an off-beat sense of humor, and living by faith. She has designed advertising products and publications for 12 years as a graphic designer. Her clients included realtors, non-profits, bridal, vineyards, sports industries, schools, authors, and musicians.

More recently, she began creating art for the illustration and surface design industry. Her work has appeared on a wide variety of useful products such as wall art, apparel, home goods, stationery, greeting cards, tech products, and textiles.  Her work has also appeared in magazines and books.

Because art heals and calms, she finds purpose in bringing color and works of hope to an increasingly chaotic and busy world.

Ray BenFatti, is a San Diego artist who has practiced his art from his earliest years until now. He has won many awards in high school and college. He and another Disney artist worked together painting faux surfaces and finishes, anything from aging wood to marble and wood. He has worked in many estates in Southern California and been sent to far flung places.

Now, after a long break, and in a new marriage, BenFatti has been encouraged to focus on his first passion of drawing and painting. His unique style begins by coloring gesso, adding sand,  which produces a crackle to the canvas. BenFatti might add soft pastel, and then the drawing, and perhaps prisma colored pencils. By the time he adds the final glaze, he has often gone through nine different steps.

The show includes one of his first works, which is now 35 years old. It was sent back from the Del Mar Fair, because the judges thought he was too young to have produced the work without help.

Neill Ketchum will show her new horse series and new trees. The horses were a new technique called reductive printmaking – roll black over a piece of acetate, wipe out the image of the horse, print it, then add to this image with charcoal or ink or whatever. Or for a new look, one can photograph the image, put it in Photoshop and reverse the image so that there is a negative, and print that. What was once a white horse on black is now the opposite. Art is fun.

People can have more fun and come visit the artists on Saturday, Nov. 12 at the Z Art Gallery and Café at River Village, Bonsall. For more information, go to

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