Fallbrook resident Adam J. Eros debuts album ‘Stuck on Luck’

Adam J. Eros, center, performs with drummer Matt Smith, and guest vocalist  Whitney Shay at his album debut party which was held at Fallbrook Winery on April 1. Claire Waggoner photo
Adam J. Eros, center, performs with drummer Matt Smith, and guest vocalist Whitney Shay at his album debut party which was held at Fallbrook Winery on April 1. Claire Waggoner photo

Andrea Verdin
Staff Writer

The Fallbrook Winery’s hillsides were full of music and fun on April 1, as the winery was the location for the album release by Adam J. Eros, a Fallbrook resident. The private party and CD release was put together to celebrate the release of “Stuck on Luck,” a country album that showcases Eros as composer, musician, and singer.

Eros’s family and friends gathered to hear him perform with his band, as well as applaud him for the accomplishment as they danced the afternoon away. Eros has been playing music professionally for over 20 years, and travels extensively to perform, but he looks forward to perform locally and have the Fallbrook community get to know him and his music.

“I’m so excited to get this music out and start to play more local gigs,” said Eros. “Music has always been a part of my life. I have a classical performance piano degree from UC San Diego, and it’s been an interesting process to be where I am now.”

As Eros’s family was involved in the theater arts, he grew up playing a lot of classical and theatrical music. However, Eros’s position at the dueling piano bar exposed him to essentially all genres of music, and he has performed Latin, jazz, pop and country music.

“The stage has always been ea part of my life, mainly as a performer. I love taking requests, being funny, and being part of the moment,” Eros said. “I performed as a dueling pianist at the Shout House in downtown San Diego, and became the bar entertainment director and manager.”

However, an opportunity to write and perform his own music full time presented itself when Eros and his wife Stephanie found Fallbrook, fell in love, and moved into the community.

“We are neighbors to the Fallbrook Winery,” said Eros. “We became close friends to the owners, and have been able to be involved in the community.”

Once settled in, Eros dedicated himself to writing music.

“My dream has always been to write music for a living, and thanks to a wonderful wife, I can do that,” Eros said. “I am able to realize my dream with Stephanie’s help, and it is a wonderful way this had worked out.”

The inspiration to create a country album came from listening to music with Eros’s grandfather.

“I’ve been a little schizophrenic when it comes to music genres,” joked Eros. “If I ever have the opportunity, I would play, learn and study every genre. It was a very nice part of the molding of who I am. When I was growing up, my grandfather would listen to Waylon Jennings, Buck Owens, and Johnny Cash. I’ve always had a connection to it. I enjoyed writing lyrics, and being able to take them to a country genre, and write in those parameters.”

While country might not be the most difficult genre to write musically, it allowed Eros to focus on lyrical content.

“I sat down to write songs on the guitar and piano,” said Eros. “Some I had written over the course of a few years, but most were all written over the past year. With the help of Bill Pomerleau, I was able to produce this album that’s full of fun, good, solid arrangements. I let the songs speak for themselves.”

As a classically trained musician, Eros is not easily satisfied with music composition. However, he said he is proud of “Stuck on Luck.”

“It took a lot of time and effort,” said Eros. “The album has a more upbeat, good feeling that is acoustically driven. It’s an older 90s country style that’s steeped in Garth Brooks style of country. We have a lap steel guitar, banjo, and bluegrass.”

However, the variety of Eros’s musical abilities shines through the album.

“We have some songs with a ukulele, or that have a funk vibe,” said Eros. “There are dance tunes intermingled with folksy songwriter songs. While it’s not modern country, there is no cliché elements – there are no lyrics about pickup trucks, Dixie cups, or lifted tailgates.”

Throughout the album, Eros demonstrates his ability to write about personal triumph, as well as common themes like love.

“The lyrics are relatable,” he said. “When I wrote the album track, ‘Stuck on Luck,’ it’s about looking for a place to live when you have a little money, and are stuck on luck. It’s the best place to start.”

“Stuck on Luck” is available on iTunes. For more information on Adam J. Eros or his album “Stuck on Luck,” go to  www.adamjeros.com.

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