Buy local this holiday season and support the economy in Fallbrook and Bonsall

By making holiday purchases in Fallbrook, it helps the local economy. Ken Seals photo
By making holiday purchases in Fallbrook, it helps the local economy. Ken Seals photo

FALLBROOK – Holiday shopping is how many people spend their free time between the day after Thanksgiving and the final days before Christmas. While many people may shop ’til they drop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, those days still account for a relatively small amount of the hundreds of billions of dollars that are spent each holiday season.

Shoppers now have a bevy of options at their disposal as they embark on the holiday shopping season. Traditional in-store retailers are still around, and online shopping continues to grow in popularity with each holiday season. But holiday shoppers are encouraged to buy local this holiday season, and such a decision can pay a host of dividends for both shoppers and the Fallbrook and Bonsall communities they call home.

Keeping dollars circulating in Fallbrook/Bonsall

Studies from Civic Economics, an economics and strategic planning firm, found that independent, locally-owned retailers return a far greater percentage of their revenue into their local economies than national chain stores.

One such study examined the disparity between revenue recirculation among independent, locally-owned businesses versus major chains. It showed the locally-owned businesses re-circulated a large amount of their revenue into the local economy. These results indicated that buying local not only benefits local business owners, but also the communities those owners and their customers call home.

Buying local creates jobs 

Buying local creates jobs in the Fallbrook/Bonsall community. One of the biggest ways local business owners re-circulate their revenue is by creating more jobs. While national chains also create jobs, such jobs only benefit a community if the chain is located there.


Unique gifts

Shopping in Fallbrook and Bonsall provides access to more unique gifts. With numerous artisans living locally, the opportunity to purchase unique creations abounds. These items, made by local craftsmen, are more unique than mass-produced items found on the shelves of national retailers.

Recipients may cherish more unique items that they cannot find on their own, and that appreciation may even spur them to visit more local retailers after the holiday season has come and gone, benefiting the community in so doing.

The personal, hometown touch

Local businesses can provide a more personal touch. Buying from national chains has its advantages, but customer service is not always one of them.

Should loved ones encounter problems with their gift that requires assistance, they might be forced to wait on the phone for extended periods of time as they and thousands of others wait for customer service representatives to answer their calls. Local businesses do not deal with nearly the volume of customers as national retailers and, therefore, are capable of addressing concerns more quickly and personally than large chains.

Buying local not only benefits small business owners, but it also pays dividends for their customers and the communities they call home.

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