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Brett Parkinson, Law Offices of Robert W. Jackson

Helping the individual

For Brett, one of the greatest benefits of being a lawyer is leveling the playing field in a dispute. Insurance companies and corporations have money at their disposal and are in a position of power when a dispute arises between them and an individual who has been injured. Representing and helping the individual is what Brett does best, and joining the Law Offices of Robert W. Jackson has allowed him to fulfill this passion.

To some extent, Brett comes to this professional naturally. Brett’s father was a personal injury lawyer. Notwithstanding, Brett’s initial desire was to work in corporate America with “big business.” However, his desires changed as he pursued a finance degree. He quickly realized that he liked people more than numbers and he decided to give the law a chance.

“Apparently it was in my DNA,” he said. “It just took me a long time to realize it.”

After having graduated from San Diego’s California Western School of Law in 2003, Brett decided that he wanted to be in the courtroom and he was privileged to clerk for two federal judges (one at the trial court level and one at the court of appeals). In this, he got an inside perspective on what persuades judges and how the courts operate. After those two clerkships, it was time for Brett to try cases of his own and he joined the U.S. Attorney’s Office as a federal prosecutor.

“Most attorneys aren’t like those seen on TV. They don’t spend a lot of time in a courtroom unless they are in the criminal world,” explained Brett. “Outside of that, it is very rare for lawyers in the civil world to go to court. I wanted to be in the courtroom trying cases, which is why I spent time as a federal prosecutor.”

After nearly six years as a federal prosecutor, Brett decided that it was time for a change. He longed for a more personal type of practice.

“I wanted to help individuals,” he said. “I like people and I have a skill set that allows me to help those in difficult situations to not be taken advantage of. It was time to put my skill set to use on a very personal individual level.”

Brett heard through a mutual friend that Robert Jackson, a renowned attorney in Fallbrook, was looking to bring on another lawyer, and he jumped at the opportunity to join such a prestigious law office. Now, as a personal injury lawyer serving San Diego and Southern Riverside counties, Brett is able to bring his courtroom skills crafted after his time as a prosecutor into each personal injury or mass tort case that he works on.

Outside of the courtroom, Brett spends time with his family in their new Fallbrook home, enjoying the rural setting.

“We really like it,” he said. “My wife and I have five children, and everyone has transitioned well thanks in large part to Fallbrook’s friendly community. Everyone has been very welcoming.”

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