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Top questions brides must consider when planning a wedding

What services do they offer?

When selecting a venue, ensure that it comes with a wedding coordinator. This will allow you to enjoy the wedding planning process and alleviate a lot of stress so you may relax and enjoy your special day.

How will the coordinator keep in touch with me?

With all the decisions involved in planning a wedding, you’ll need to keep in close contact with your wedding coordinator. Before you select a venue, ask them how they will communicate with you leading up to the wedding. If you like to keep communications simple, e-mail may be your best option, while meetings are preferable to those who like a more personal touch.

What type of experience does the venue have?

Find out how long the venue has been in the wedding business and how many weddings they host a year. Ask to see testimonials and what websites they are on where you can view photos and videos.

Who are your preferred vendors?

It is helpful if the venue has worked with the florists, photographers and other vendors you’re considering. The preferred vendors suggested by the venue can give you peace of mind. They know the lay of the land and can also help make recommendations to enhance your wedding day.

Can you work with my budget?

Talk to the venue about your budget and ensure they are willing to work within your financial parameters. The right venue will listen, be able to negotiate and help you stretch your budget to build a beautiful wedding.

What is your average size wedding?

It’s important to find a venue that is experienced with weddings that are similar to yours in terms of size, total cost and even theme. If you have unique considerations for your event, make sure the venue can handle the challenge. For instance, flying 50 guests to your destination wedding requires a lot of coordination. Look for a venue that has experience with destination-wedding planning if you want to get hitched without a hitch.

Will the coordinator be with us on our big day?

One of the perks to finding a venue with a wedding coordinator is that he or she will coordinate your wedding day and handle emergencies so you can relax and have fun. Before you sign any contracts, ask the venue how long the coordinator intends to stay through the ceremony and reception. Also ask what time they plan to arrive before the wedding and what time they’ll leave.

Will we work well together?

Wedding planning is time-consuming and can be incredibly stressful. Remember, you’ll be spending a lot of time with this venue and wedding coordinator. They will be sharing one of the best days of your life. Personality counts just as much as experience and reputation. When meeting with the venue and/or wedding planner, rate the candidate on organizational skills, promptness and friendliness. If the relationship doesn’t feel like a good fit, find another one that does.

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