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Top Date Ideas around Town

It’s the weekend, and if you’ve got a special someone you know it’s important to have a well-thought-out date plan that the two of you can enjoy. If you are planning on staying around town for a romantic evening, here are a few ideas to help you plan the perfect date. Not everyone likes the traditional dinner and movie option, nor can they afford expensive and elaborate excusions, so try to find a way to customize each of these dates to what you and your significant other enjoy.

Coffee and Book-Talk

If you and your partner enjoy a good book, a great way to spend your date night might be at one of Fallbrook’s local coffee shops enjoying a good book. You can make this into a series of nights if you want. Before heading over to get your caffeine fix, go to the Fallbrook Public Library and select a new book to read together, or if you are looking for a new book to add to the collection, stop by the Friends of Fallbrook Library Used Book Store at the library, and purchase a few books for a dollar or two.

Once you’ve picked your books of choice, visit the Fallbrook Coffee Company or Caffé Primo for coffee and a pastry. The Fallbrook Coffee Co. is an adorable building with hidden nooks – perfect for intimate conversations while reading, and Caffé Primo is more suited for those who are boisterous and want a spirited debate over characters. Regardless, you will have hours of enjoyable fun as you discuss your favorite elements of the book at hand.

Golf and Brunch

If you want a full day of fun together, play hooky and head off to the greens in the morning. If you and your partner enjoy hitting the links, then Fallbrook’s endless options are the ideal spot to enjoy your date day. Call ahead, reserve your tee time, and enjoy playing with your partner while working on your handicap. If you choose, you might want to pop into Hukilau for brunch, since this restaurant has great breakfast and lunch options available after a game of golf.

Art and Fine Dining

For those with a more refined palate, there are a few options that will allow you to enjoy the finer aspects of life with your significant other. Fallbrook has a plethora of artistic elements for you to enjoy. With the many art galleries in town, in addition to the Fallbrook Art Association’s various shows put on throughout the year, you can plan to visit some of the galleries’ events on a Friday night. If you want, you can also see what the Fallbrook Music Society is planning, as they constantly have classical and contemporary musicians performing. Follow this up with a romantic meal at one of Fallbrook’s fine dining options such as the Fallbrook Garden Center. This restaurant offers not only some of the best and freshest fare in town, but it also has a fine dining option for dinner that features Angus prime rib. Another option could be Trupiano’s Italian Bistro, which has some of the most flavorful Italian food in town.

Movie and Pizza

This is a top choice for those who like keeping date night simple. Ultrastar Cinemas at Bonsall feature the latest movies, so you could choose a favorite to watch together. If you want to enjoy a meal or drink first, head over to Z Café for happy hour. The drinks are always well served, and the food is always fresh. If you move your date night to Tuesday, you can also feast on the Mexican fare that comes only on Taco Tuesday. Otherwise, grab a pizza at Village Pizza to enjoy at home. Grab a wine bottle, so you can enjoy a fine pairing of pizza and wine in the intimacy of your own home.

A Hike, a Picnic and Something Sweet

If you and your partner enjoy outdoor adventures, take a hike in Fallbrook preserves for a hike. There are plenty of trails. They include rigorous trails like one found on the Hellers Bend Preserve and relaxing strolls like the one found at Los Jilgueros Preserve. Surprise your partner with a picnic dinner at the top of your hike for an added romantic element. Prepare something that won’t spoil by the time you get to your favorite relaxing spot, and enjoy a meal surrounded by nature. Upon finishing your hike, you might want to sweeten the experience by stopping by one of Fallbrook’s mainstays – the Yogurt Palace or Fallbrook Froyo. These two frozen yogurt shops offer a huge variety of sweet treats for you and your hiking partner to enjoy after a warm afternoon outdoors. This can make the experience more enjoyable for the two of you.

Playing your Odds and Relaxing the Day away

Fallbrook residents looking for small getaways know that they can get a Vegas-like trip by visiting Pala Casino, which is just a few minutes away. Book a room for a night or two and try your luck at the Blackjack tables. If that’s not your style, you can still enjoy yourself at any of their restaurants. There are also special events that happen throughout the year, so you can catch a favorite comedian or musician at the casino’s spacious venue. Follow this up with time poolside or with a massage at the luxurious spa.

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