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Fallbrook Hospital

Although the Fallbrook Hospital is part of a small community, there is nothing small about Fallbrook Hospitalís services. Its 140-licensed-bed facility, accredited by The Joint Commission, features an array of diagnostic equipment and treatment options. With more than 100 physicians, 88 percent board-certified in their fields, and nurses and medical technicians trained in up-to-date care techniques, the hospital offers the latest in medical services along with the sincere care that earmarks Fallbrook as the friendly village.

The only hospital emergency department within a 17-mile radius, prompt treatment is offered 24 hours a day, with a physician always on duty, supported by skilled nurses and technicians. The completely remodeled admitting and reception area provides a comfortable place for patients and their families.

Fallbrook Hospitalís new contemporary 3,300 square foot surgery/endoscopy suite addition and advanced technology expands the capacity and capabilities to perform more sophisticated surgical procedures. Surgeons provide quality, skilled surgical expertise by specialty for both adults and children 18 months and older. General surgical services offered include, but are not limited to, laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, hernia repairs, appendectomies, and bowel surgeries. Orthopedic services consist of shoulder, hip, partial and total knee replacements, and repair of fractures and sports injuries. Cardioversions and pacemaker implantations are among the cardiac surgeries performed and plastic surgery procedures include breast reconstruction and augmentation, liposuction and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). NaPro Surgery for treatment of infertility, C-sections, hysterectomies, hysteroscopy are included in the OB/GYN services offered, and prostate surgery with green light laser, kidney and bladder surgeries are among the urological services provided. Cataract removal surgery is offered and ENT services include procedures for thyroid issues, treatment of tonsillitis and chronic sinusitis, and the use of radio frequency procedures for treatment of nasal obstructions, sleep apnea and snoring.

With the recent launch of the Center for Advanced Sinus Care, the Center for Advanced Orthopedic Care and a comprehensive Vascular Surgery Program, Fallbrook Hospital continues to introduce new and improved surgical services. Several new and minimally invasive techniques, such as the new balloon sinuplasty for sinusitis and the nerve block for knee and shoulder replacements, are used, resulting in less pain and a quicker recovery.

In addition, the hospital has opened its new Center for Specialty Services, which demonstrates the hospitalís continued commitment to adding new and improving existing services to better meet the needs of our community. Fallbrook Hospital Physical Therapy moved from its Potter Street location to the Center at 617 Alvarado Street, and now includes a larger gym and comfortable therapy rooms for patients undergoing physical, occupational and speech therapy. Treatment is offered for neurological disorders, soft tissue and nerve injuries, arthritis, autoimmune conditions, pulmonary disease, sports injuries, and chronic pain. Outpatient Lab services are also located at the Center and wound care is planned later this year.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs are available at the adjacent Wellness Center, and are individually customized to cover exercise, behavior change, and health education.

The Radiology Departmentís new 64-slice CT scanner provides advanced imaging capabilities in a newly renovated suite. Ultra-sharp, detailed images of the body are produced in seconds, enabling physicians to detect and treat diseases at an early stage. Inpatient and outpatient imaging is also performed utilizing two enhanced mammography machines, a nuclear medicine camera, and midfield MRI.

The Womanís Center is fitted with side-by-side delivery rooms that provide modern technology in a comfortable setting. The center offers childbirth classes for first-time mothers and a review course for experienced parents. Post-partum rooms and lactation education, a bilingual staff or translators are available, as well as a broad spectrum of gynecological services.

The adjacent 93-bed Skilled Nursing Facility offers long-term residential care for people whose medical needs require 24-hour licensed nursing and short-term care to assist patients in gaining strength and independence following hospitalization for an illness, accident or surgery. A wide range of services including physical, occupational and speech therapies, respiratory and IV therapies and end-of-life care are provided.

The Occupational Health Program offers comprehensive 24-hour health care service, diagnostic, and surgical procedures. Physical examinations include pre-employment exams, forensic drug testing, DOT/DMV physicals, and OSHA regulated exams, and immunizations such as tuberculin and hepatitis B.

Members of the Hospitalís active Volunteer Department provide assistance in many areas of the hospital, at community health screenings and offer patient transportation.

Fallbrook Hospital provides on-going health education programs including childbirth and pre-surgery classes, and diabetes support. Educational social programs specifically for seniors and women are also available.

The Senior Circle Program is designed for people who are 50 and older, offering in-hospital benefits, education, national and local discounts and social activities to support a healthy and active lifestyle for seniors in the community.

The Healthy Woman Program is a community resource focusing on presenting women of all ages with on-going emotional, physical, and fiscal health and well-being education to assist them in making important decisions for themselves and their families.

Fallbrook Hospital and the Fallbrook Healthcare District have served the needs of residents for over 50 years. Now separate entities, Board Members from the local community that govern each organization work together to ensure the medical needs of the Greater Fallbrook Area continue to be met.

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