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Sourcebook Volume 11, 2012

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Robert W. Jackson, Attorney

Helping change lives

Since Robert W. Jackson graduated from Fallbrook High School, his ambition to be an esteemed nationwide trial attorney has been realized.

Jackson’s specialty in law is in catastrophic injury. His past caseloads have ranged from traumatic brain injuries and wrongful deaths to pedestrian cases and construction site accidents.

“I handle cases from all over the country,” he said. “In the last year, I handled cases in seven different states.”

Jackson opened his first law office in Fallbrook. Being in a small town, he worked hard to have a nationwide practice, and he did it.

Jackson became one of the youngest pro tem judges ever to sit on the bench in California. He heard cases in North San Diego County and downtown San Diego.

After the 2007 firestorms, Jackson was appointed as the lead liaison council for the Rice Canyon wildfire litigation.

“I have had the pleasure of representing a good percentage of victims here in the Fallbrook area who had their homes, lives and property destroyed in [those] wildfires,” he said. “I want to say ‘Thank you’ to them for entrusting me with their cases and allowing me to tell their stories.”

Being a trial lawyer, Jackson notes, is far different than other types of law. Clients come to Jackson because they are seriously injured and need help.

“From the moment that I meet a prospective client, I prepare their case to tell their story to a jury of 12 persons. Every case that we take in my office has a story, and we need to be the messenger of that unique and personal story,” Jackson explained.

Jackson has been recognized by his peers and colleagues as an outstanding trial lawyer. He has been nominated as trial lawyer of the year three times in the last seven years, and has won the award for “Outstanding Trial Lawyer” four times during the same period.

Jackson receives his most heartfelt professional compliments every year around Christmas. Hundreds of holiday cards flow in from past clients, thanking Jackson for helping to change their lives.

Being a trial lawyer has its share of stresses, so Jackson decompresses by surfing and fishing. “If it has to do with the ocean, I’m all over it,” he said.

Propped atop Jackson’s desk is a picture of a 215-pound yellow fin tuna he caught. “It was the largest ever caught in La Paz,” he said proudly.

As a trial lawyer, Jackson takes his responsibility very seriously. He reveals this in every action he takes.

“It’s my goal to change the public’s perspective of lawyers and I do it one client at a time,” he said.

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